Sleek i-Divine Palette - Au Naturel - Review & Swatchfest

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hello gorgeous! 

Today I bring you a review and swatches of Sleek's i-Divine Palette in Au Naturel 601. 
I got this palette 2 months ago and I waited this long to write a review on it so I could be sure about my opinion on this shadows and try them many different ways to have a very honest review about all of them. I will firstly describe and show you the colors and then I'll give you my thoughts on them and how I usually use them! Enjoy! 

Starting off with palette itself, it has 12 eye shadows, 3 of them are metallic , one is a satin and all the rest are completely matte.
This is a very balanced palette, since it has 6 light shadows with 2 different textures and 6 dark shadows with 3 different textures. 

1- Nougat ; 2 -Nubuck ; 3- Cappuccino ; 4- Honeycomb ; 5- Toast ; 6 - Taupe
Nougat - A creamy off-white, with a neutral beige undertone - matte texture. Perfect brow bone/inner corner highlight for light to medium skin tones Also great to set highlighted features on the face. 
Nubuck - Cool toned, ash-y light brown - matte texture. Perfect eyebrow shade for light hair colors. Amazing for contouring on light skins and all over great shade for a slight hint of definition on the upper and lower lids.
Cappuccino - Yellow based, cool toned light cappuccino brown - matte finish. Perfect eyebrow shade for light/medium hair colors. Gorgeous lid color, also beautiful to contour the crease for a natural, subtle look. 
Honeycomb - Light,  warm toned golden honey pale yellow - matte finish. Perfect brow bone/inner corner highlight for deep skin tones. Also great to set highlighted features on the face. 
Toast - Light, warm toned pale orange - matte finish. Beautiful transition color to warm up the crease and ease the blend of darker shades. Also gorgeous on the lids as a base. 
Taupe - Light, warm rose gold - metallic finish. Absolutely gorgeous highlight for the inner corner and tops of the cheeks, tip of the nose and cupid's bow.

7 - Conker ; 8 - Moss ; 9 - Bark ; 10 - Mineral Earth ; 11- Regal ; 12 - Noir 
Conker - Black based, dark copper red - metallic finish. Buttery, rich shadow, perfect on the lids and/or crease for a dramatic look.
Moss - Olive green with a brown undertone - satin finish.  Gorgeous lids color, perfect as a lid base for deep skin tones and as a wash of color for lighter skin tones. 
Bark - Cool based, dark brown - matte finish. Beautiful color for the eyebrows for medium/dark hair colors, to define the crease and contour on deep skin tones.
Mineral Earth - Rich, intense brown, with a milk chocolate brown base - metallic finish. Perfect color for an easy smokey eye look. Amazing as a soft eyeliner, smudged on the top and bottom lash lines.
Regal - Cool toned burgundy, with a grey undertone - matte finish. Amazing color for all over the lid, smudged on the lash lines and on the crease, for subtle pop of color and smokiness.
Noir - Intense black - matte finish.  Perfect for eye lining, create fullness on the lash lines and for smokey eyes.

My thoughts on all of these shadows is that they are INCREDIBLE for the price. You get 12 shadows with different finishes and textures for €10, which , in my opinion, is a great deal.
You can see above how they all look swatched on my skin, with NO primer what-so-ever (you can also see their undertones a lot better against my skin tone).

My most used colors from this palette have to be Nougat and Cappuccino, I have actually already hit pan on them (on a small area, I still have a bunch of shadow left! I will search for close dupes for them and I'll let you know!).
I usually use Nougat to set my under eye concealer, the bridge of my nose, between my eyebrows and my chin.
I use Cappuccino along with Bark to fill in my brows (I also use a mid brown with a warm undertone to mostly fill my brows. Bark goes on the tail and Cappuccino on the front!).
I use, mostly, Noir to line my eyes and when I don't use Noir I use Mineral Earth!
Taupe highlights my inner corners, the tops of my cheeks, the tip of my nose and my cupids bow.
Finally, I use Honeycomb all over my lid and Toast on my crease, to warm up my eyes!
And that's how I use this palette on a everyday basis! 

I give this palette a 9/10, simply because I think there are 2 colors missing- a mid tone brown (which is the only color I reach for that is not in this palette) and a satin/shimmery version of Nougat, to highlight pale skins. I know I use Taupe for that, but I'm a bit tanned still, and I don't know if it will work when my tan goes away, because I'm VERY pale, and Taupe is a warm toned highlight.
You can get this palette on the Sleek website - here !

But that's it! This is my complete and honest review on Sleek's i-Divine Palette in Au Naturel
Let me know what you think on the comments bellow! Also, let me know what other palettes I should check out!

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo ~C

FTC Disclaimer: None of the companies and brands mentioned asked me to mention them on this post. The links above are not affiliate. All opinions are my own. 

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