Makeup Goodies - Eyes! - Kiko and Primark - Review and Swatchfest!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hello gorgeous!

Have you noticed something different? The blog as a new template, yeeey!
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But back to business, today I bring you yet another review and swatchfest, of goodies I got a while ago, from Kiko and Primark's beauty line!

Primark has it's own beauty line called P.S Love, and honestly I only went to that area on Primark because I REALLY needed a mascara and I'm SO glad I went there.
The mascara I got is the P.S Love Volumising Mascara, and I spent.... 2€ on it (I know in the UK it costs 1£). YES, 2€!

This mascara's formula is not too wet but not too dry either, and after a few month using it, I can tell that it has dried a tiny teeny bit, but nothing dramatic. Also, I've had this mascara since March (been 6 1/2 months, more or less) and this mascara is still going strong - no funky smell, still great formula and still doing wonderful things to my lashes! 

Unlike my expectations, this mascara does not have a plastic wand (yaay!), and as you can see from the picture, its slightly wider on the center and tapers at the ends. It is also a reasonably large brush, which is great. 
Those 2 things put together will give you amazing volume to the lashes, but it will also fan out your lashes and give them great length too. 

I did 3 coats of mascara (post to curling), and as you can see, my lashes look thick, they aren't clumpy at all and they are fanned out, which gives my eyes a very awaken look without doing a lot. On a daily basis I do 2 coats of mascara, but I'm very light handed on the second coat. But for review purposes, I did all the coats equally, so you get a true look at it.

Over all, I LOVE this mascara and I'm definitely buying a new one next time I step into Primark! 

Now on to the Kiko goods, I got this GORGEOUS shadow and a kohl eye liner.  

Kiko Eyeshadow #137- Pearly Copper
This is a red toned copper shadow, very vibrant but not obnoxiously, as an amazing pearl finish to it, which eases the blending with other colors, and it is just absolutely GORGEOUS. This shadow is a fantastic dupe for MAC's Cranberry shadow, but it only costs 2,90€ , so you can see what a catch it is! 

Since I have green-ish eyes, this really makes the green pop, but it also would look beautiful on any eye color. I swatched it above with little bit of primer so the pearly particles would stick to my skin and show up better on the photo. 
If you use this shadow on your eyes without primer, it will look a lot more satin-ish, rather than pearly, but if you use a primer the particles will stick to your lid and the result will be incredible. However, because I can't contain myself, I use this shadow wet most of the times. What I recommend is that you wet your brush, wipe off the excess water from the brush and then dip your brush in one of the corners of the shadow, so you don't ruin the entire shadow because it will seal on top if you wet it. 
Overall, I LOVE this eye shadow, it's so versatile and gorgeous, so if you can get your hands on it , please do! 

Kiko Smart Eye Pencil #804 - Mauve

The name of this pencil is pretty accurate. It's a light true mauve, and it has little gold flex in it, but nothing over the top. On the website, all the colors are showed without glitter, but they all do, so if you're considering ordering from the website, keep that in mind. 

I really like to use this on my waterline and on my lower lash line to open up my eyes and give them a fresh look, and it also looks amazing on the lid as a base color or just on it's own after blending it with your finger. 
I love this pencil actually, I love it a lot more than I thought I would when I swatched it on the store, and I use it pretty much everyday. Plus, it's a color you don't really see on eye pencils, which is the reason I got this one. 
I got mine on sale, but their usual price is 2.50€, which is not a bad deal at all! 

Above you can see how both colors look on my skin on day light, without any kind of base! 

And that concludes my little makeup goodies review and swatchfest! I hope you enjoyed!
Also, let me know bellow what products from PS Love and Kiko I shall try and review next time!

Have a wonderful day! 


FTC Disclaimer: None of the companies and brands mentioned asked me to mention them on this post. The links above are not affiliate. I bought everything myself. All opinions are my own. 

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