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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello beautiful! 

Another back to school post today, making up for the time I spent without posting anything! 

This is going to be a quick  post, since it's so many stuff but I  will tho link everything down bellow, as always! 
First off - the backpack! I chose this one because it's fun, it's fashionable, has all of my favorite colors in it and it has room for EVERYTHING. You can get it here !

Before I talk about my pencil pouch (which I haven't featured because mine is so old I couldn't even find it online, but any would do!), I want to talk about how I organize myself. 
A planner (here); A 1.5 in binder (here); A flex binder(here); a 13 pocket expanding file (here), so you don't have to carry a big binder with you all the time; a cover folder (here) and of course, you need notebook, and my favorite ones are by 5 Star (here). 
Oh I almost forgot! Its handy to have a clipboard as well (here), just in case! 

Okay now onto the pencil pouch things, I do carry a LOT of things, just keep that in mind! 
Blue retractable pens (here), mechanical pencils (here), regular #2 pencils (here), eraser (here), pencil sharpener (here), a mechanical eraser (here), white-out (here), highlighters (here), colorful pens (here), retractable colorful pens (here), Sharpies (here) and gel ink colorful pens ( yes more.... here). I told you, I have a LOT. 

I also have a few other bits (few... who am I kidding?!) that I keep with me in a separate pouch, but that help me study and stay organized! 
Lined post-its (here), smaller colorful post-its (here), Scotch tape (here), Post-it tabs (here), scissors (here), glue sticks (here), hole puncher (here), a mini stapler (here) and flash cards (here).

And that's it! It wasn't a ton, was it? Haha I know I have way more than necessary, but I do use everything and well, it helps me stay organized and study better!
Let me know what you carry in your backpack on the comments bellow!

Have a wonderful day!


FTC Disclaimer: None of the companies and brands mentioned asked me to mention them on this post. The links above are not affiliate. All opinions are my own. 

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