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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello gorgeous! 

A few months ago I had the opportunity to interview Ruth Nguyen ( @ruthmakeup on Instagram), the beautiful creator of Ruthiilashes.

She was also kind enough to send me her range of lashes for me to try on and review for you, but I will have all the pics with the lashes on me and my opinion on them in a separate blog post. I'm trying to keep things short and sweet! 

 So without further do, let's move on to the interview! 

The Fashion Café: What triggered your love for beauty and cosmetics?
Ruth: Many of us are never happy with ourselves, or separate ourselves from the Hollywood stars.
I remember doing a makeup trial on this beautiful lady for her wedding. When she looked at herself in the mirror she started to cry and said “oh my god, I never knew I could look this beautiful”. You see, it’s not the makeup, but from that day on whether she is wearing makeup or not, she will see herself differently.
That’s why I love what I do, because it is in creating a window for women of all ages to see themselves in a different light – to see themselves as beautiful.
We constantly tell ourselves we are not enough, not beautiful enough, and always find the flaws in ourselves. I will be the first to put my hand up to that. Sometimes seeing is believing - makeup is purely a window to allow us to see it, a stepping stone to acceptance.
Makeup isn’t about covering up your flaws; it’s about accentuating your amazing beauty and celebrating it.

TFC: What's your favorite makeup era? And what modern day makeup trends do you like the best?
R:  I love them all but especially the 50’s Hollywood glamour. I love the femininity of it!
With makeup, and as an artist, I find what works the best is flawlessness - a flawless and radiant complexion brightens any makeup look! You don’t have to go extreme with the smoky eyes and dramatic lips. Keeping it simple is always the best.

TFC: How would you describe your signature look and what sets you apart from other makeup artists?
R: My signature look would probably be defined by statement eyes and natural lips.
I like to get to know my clients, and accentuate their natural features combined with the right amount of contour and highlight and bam!- BEAUTIFUL! It’s almost like they didn’t have a makeup artist but just look amazing and effortlessly beautiful naturally. Basically, my look is very natural but glamorous.

TFC: What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
R: Look after your skin. Great skin = Great makeup. Always use sunscreen and never sleep with your makeup on. Trust me, your older self will thank you for it!

TFC:  You've created your own false lashes brand, Ruthiilashes, how did you come up with that idea?
R: I have to admit I am a lash addict! I love them!
I used to get lash extensions so often that they started to be too much for my own lashes to handle. I got to a point where I hardly had any lashes to do anything!
I searched high and low for natural looking strip lashes, but their synthetic fibers and finish never really gave me what I was looking for, plus it started to get really expensive wearing a new pair each day.
So I started researching and travelling around to find the perfect lash -Mink lashes, which have such natural tapered ends, mimic your natural lashes.
Unlike lash extensions, because they are on a strip, you aren’t limited to the number of lashes you physically have, which means you can always have full and lush lashes.
With their amazing quality and good care, you can wear them up to 28 times.
My clients who range from International Pageant finalists, TV presenters, panelists, brides and everyday women love them purely because of how natural they look and the amazing definition it gives to their eyes.

TFC: How hard was it to create your own brand and what was your main objective when creating it?
R: I think everyone has a dream to create something, or invent something, and somewhere, on the other side of the world, someone else is dreaming and thinking the exact same idea. It’s whether you act on your dreams that will make the difference.
I am probably waffling on, but building a brand is an ongoing journey for me. I have to constantly step back and look at my business decisions to see whether it is in line with the values and direction of Ruthiilashes or not.
It’s easy to just follow the trend, but I want Ruthii to be different - is all about enhancing what you already have and revealing the beauty that is already there. The Ruthii brand is about celebrating beauty and self-confidence.

TFC: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?
R: My biggest challenge in my career so far would have to be to finally believe in myself enough to let go of my self-doubts, quit my full time job in Finance and focus on what I love and make a career out of it.
It’s far beyond easy, but definitely worth it.

TFC: Who inspired you throughout your career?
R: I have met some amazing people throughout my working career who I have made my mentors and friends.
I am a true believer in fate and crossing paths with people. I’ve learned the characteristics I would and wouldn’t like to have and from that I continue to grow.

TFC: What are some of your favorite products in your makeup kit?

  • Lancome’s Rouge in Love 377n would have to be my signature Hot Pink lip colour (buy it here);
  • Kevyn Aucoin’s Essential Skin Enhancer – it is the bees knees when it comes to creating the most flawless, pore free and radiant complexion. I first discovered this back in 2007 and despite moving around different products I always reach back to it. I always stock up every time I’m in New York since we don’t have it in Australia (buy it here);
  • My Ruthiilashes Range – it’s not only until I apply them onto my clients that they believe how natural they look and feel and the difference it makes in bringing out their eyes (makes my job easier as an artist!) (buy them here);
  • Bodyography’s Brow essential trio – this mineral based powder can create well defined brows every time and doubles as the best shade for a blending smoky eye! (but it here).

TFC: What should be in every women makeup bag?
R: A neutral lip plumping lip gloss! It instantly refreshes your look, dresses up any look and keeps you photo ready every time! Gorgeous lips paired with fluttering eyes = ethereal gorgeousness!

TFC: What is on your makeup bag?
R: Right now I have like 6 different lip glosses and lipsticks, a little vial of my jojoba and mandarin oil that I use to refresh my skin and my Kevyn Aucoin essential skin enhancer in 06.

That's it! Don't forget all the pictures from the fabulous lashes will be up on the blog tomorrow! Meanwhile, you can follow Ruth in the following places:
Instagram: and
AND you can buy her awesome lashes here -->

Have a wonderful day! 


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