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Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello gorgeous!!

So Wednesday I posted my lovely interview with Ruth Nguyen, the beautiful creator of Ruthiilashes, a real mink lash company, with AMAZING lashes, that you can use up to 28 days. You read it right: 28 DAYS!!!

She was generous enough to send me her entire lash range, which I am more than happy to photograph and review for you guys! ALSO, stick to the end of the blog post to see the awesome surprise I've got for you!!

I divided the lashes into 2 "categories": more wearable and fancy/special occasion lashes.  Of course these will vary with your own personal taste and your eye shape, so please keep that in mind. Also, please note that I'm not an expert at applying false lashes, so if in some pictures it looks like the front bit is sticking up, bear with me.

#1- Hollywood Wink

This is my absolute favorite pair of lashes from the entire range. They are described as being the perfect lashes for that rich 60's Hollywood glamour. They are shorter in length and have a two-layered subtle crisscross effect.
On me, these are slightly longer than my own lashes, which is perfect because I don't need a thicker eye liner to make them work on me.
They are slightly longer in the center compared to the outside corners but nothing too noticeable once you have them on. However, this is what is going to really open up and add glamour to your eyes, without going extreme.

#2- Flutter
These are the perfect cat-eye lashes. They are medium in density and have a three- layered crisscross pattern with wispy flares on the outer corners.
This will elongate your eye shape, creating a sultry stare.
Personally, this is how long I would go with false lashes without having them touch my brow bone once I look forward, which ,lets admit, it's not the most comfortable thing in the world! Regardless, they are a completely beautiful pair of lashes which I will give a lot of use during holiday season.

#3- Accent Lashes
These aren't available on the website just yet, but basically these are tiny bits of lashes, that you can use where ever you need a bit more of lash-action. They don't come in a full strip, so you really have freedom to use as many as you need. Please note that the accent lashes are the ones on the round lash holder. The ones bellow it are the bits I cut off from the other lash strips to make them fit my eyes. It's always a good idea to keep those bits, unless they are too tiny, and use them as accents as well!
Back on the actual accent lashes, they aren't very long and they have a two-layered crisscross to them, just like the Hollywood Wink.

#4- Slinky Minx
These are like the Flutter lashes BUT they have their own built in lash accents. So, they have medium density, a three-layered crisscross and they are wispy on the outer corners. Now to all of that glam, add an extra layer of lashes on the outer corner, to amp up the cat eye effect.
Once again, these look a bit extreme on me, requiring a thicker eye liner to suit my eye shape, but length wise, this is once again how long I would go.
Regardless, these lashes are absolutely beautiful and would look incredible with any smoky eye, in any occasion!

#5- Mink Me
Finally we reach the brand's pride and joy -  the Mink Me lashes!
I totally get why these lashes are the front "face" of Ruthiilashes. They have everything you can possibly want on a pair of lashes: they have three-layered crisscross, they are slightly shorter than the Flutter ones and they have more length on the center. They're like a push-up bra for your lashes! They give a ton of volume, they have the right amount of length and they really do give you the bright-doll eye effect.
Personally, this is my other favorite pair of lashes, because I can still wear them during the day and still have a natural-ish lash look, but I can wear them at night with a bolder eye makeup and they still look amazing!

#6- Fan Me Out
Last, but certainly not least, the Fan Me Out lashes are the party girl lashes. They have a two-layered soft crisscross pattern to them, very very subtle crisscross, you can barely see it. These lashes are all about length. Most of the length is in the center of the lashes, proving you the most incredible wide open eye effect.
These don't really suit my eyes, being the only pair that touches my brow bone when I look straight forward (yes, I'm raising my eyebrow in the picture!), which definitely means that they are way too long for me! However, these are going to look amazing if you have big prominent eyes, or even if you have more space between your lid and brow bone area.

And that's it! Those are all the pairs of lashes that you'll be able to find on Ruthiilashes's website --> ! They have a $5 sale happening right now AND if you use the promo code FCAFE, you get 10% off on all the items from the website, that's pretty rad, right? You're welcome ;)

Also, I thought it would be convenient to give you the link to 2 amazing videos that saved my life when it comes to false lashes.
How to apply false lashes, by Ruth Nguyen -!How-to-Apply-False-Lashes/c9nu/2
How to clean false lashes, by Sharon Farrell -

You will want to save those links, believe me!

I hope you enjoyed this huge blog post and if you made it to the end, comment bellow saying UNICORN!

Have a wondeful day!


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