Blogmas Day 20: The Perfect Hostess (Part 2)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello loves! Welcome to Blogmas Day 20 Part 2! 

Now let's talk about over night guests and how to make it so much easier on you. 
One of the major things is to make sure breakfast is set before everyone wakes up. Trader Joe's has some mini croissants that come in different kinds and flavors and all you need to do is pop them in a sheet tray and put them in the oven. They will puff up and when u wake up, just turn on the oven and they're ready quickly! 

Put them in a cake dome and your guests will love it! Set some plates beside the dome and also make a coffee bar beside it. Silver trays with beautiful cups, a cream and sugar servers and ready to use express machine will make it so much easier for everyone. 

If your guests like oatmeal, pick up a kind that takes longer to cook. Oatmeal that can be cooked over night (for around 8 hours on low heat) are amazing because you can let them cook while you sleep and in the morning you just turn off the heat and keep the pot closed so the oatmeal stays warm! Also, don't forget to set up a little bar for the oats too. Dried cranberries, brown sugar, nuts, cream, honey, whatever you feel like putting up for your guests to eat! Don't forget the bowls and spoons, so no one has to be looking for them on your cabinets! 

When we are packing, we always forget something, right? And your guests might have forgotten some things too! Having a little basket prepared for them in the bathroom is a kind, special thing that will make them feel like they are being really well taken care of! 
Things to include are mouth wash, shaving cream, toothpaste, q-tips, lint roller, samples of fragrances that you can get in any perfume store, samples or travel sized moisturizers, deodorant, tissues, band-aids, Altoids, floss, extra (and new, please) tooth brushes, tampons and pads. We all know we'd like to have those things handy if we ever forgot them, right? 

 Alright loves, this is it for part 2! Stay tuned for part 3, in a second! 

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