Blogmas Day 20: The Perfect Hostess (Part 1)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello my darlings!
We are 5 days away from Christmas! And those lovely Christmas parties are about to start.
We all know how stressful preparing them can be, specially if you are the hostess. So, since I love you all so much, I'm making a post dedicated to the fabulous Christmas party hostess's that read my blog!

Starting off with the night before, you gotta work on the decoration of the table and house, and also what to keep in the guest's bathroom if you'll have guests sleeping over.

Holiday Kitchen Essentials:

One of the things that is really important are the glasses. Nobody want's to be served in a plastic glass, right? Getting the right ones is crucial, but it doesn't mean that you have to rob a bank to do such thing. You can get them in boxes of 12, and simply store them under your bed when you don't need them anymore. It's easy, practical and a lot more special. You can get them everywhere, such as in here. If you have kids going as well, the glasses for them couldn't be less important. Glass with kids seems a bit dangerous, so hard plastic, nicely looking glasses are the way to go. Go for more colorful glasses, since kids tend to like those better. These ones are my favorite when it comes to serving kids.

When serving sweets, candy, or even coffee after a lovely desert, there's nothing like silver trays. Obviously, you don't need to get completely real silver, since that can be a bit expensive. Something like this is perfect for coffee, and if you can't find any candy stands for an affordable price, something like this can do the work, just ditch the dome and you're ready to go!

Another key essential is holiday themed plates. Now, you don't need to get a full set of holiday themed plates. If you have nice white plates, a simple salad holiday themed plate is enough to change the table completely, and it doesn't take much storing space either! A simple red lined salad plate like this one adds a special holiday touch to any table!

Paper straws might not look special, but they surely are, since they bring a pop of holiday to any cup of hot chocolate or hot cider. This come in a pack of 144 and are completely adorable! Who wouldn't be entertained with this? I know I would!

Long cinnamon sticks with steaming cider taste deliciously on this time of the year. If you can use real apple cider go for it, but if not, Trader Joe's has a great one! Just work with what you've got!
Still on the food/spices area, mulling spices are a must during holiday parties. Just add 2 table spoons to a pot of steaming water and your house will smell purely delicious! Everyone will wonder what you are using, and it's simply this!

To take your party to a higher level, stay away from paper cocktail napkins. Cloth napkins are way better, since they don't get all slimy and sticky. I found these at Target and they are perfect for your holiday party!

What is a party without cakes, right? Cake stands with domes are a must when serving guests. You can get a great one here.

Something else to have on hand is some sparkle, and I'm talking beverages. Always have a couple of your favorite champagne or sparkling wine ready for guests!

Last, but surely not least when it comes to the kitchen, is serve wear. And this goes from spoons, claws and saucers. The last thing you want is people serving themselves with small serving spoons or serving the lovely desserts your guests brought with the wrong utensils. You can find them everywhere, but my favorites come from Bed Bath & Beyond

This post is already miles long so keep up for Part 2 in a minute!

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