HUGE Birthday Haul - H&M, KIKO, Zara, Sleek and Primark (part 1 - clothing and accessories)

Friday, August 08, 2014

Hello beautiful! 

 Long time without a post! I know, I know, I apologize! It's just been pretty hectic this past couple of weeks! I applied to college, which by itself is a nerve cracker for me, I had the Polyvore meetup, which I will talk about on Facebook, and last Sunday was my birthday! WOOHOO!! I just turned 20! 

As expected, I do a LOT of shopping around this time of the year, for two very specific reasons: 
2- Back to school and winter clothes are super cheap. And yes, I'm talking sweaters. 
Let me apologize in advance if the quality on my pictures isn't the best, I've been having some issues with my camera lately! 

Anyways, without further do, lets get into the haul.

Starting off with H&M, I got a few bits that are just perfect for back to school and winter layering. 

The stripped sweater is made out of a fine knit, and its also perfectly baggy, which means I can wear things under and on top of it. I can't find it on the website, but I'm pretty sure it's still in stores!
I can't also find the unicorn sweater online, and the camera is NOT making it justice! It's a Barbie/ bubble gum pink sweater with black unicorns! It is SO soft and cozy, it's going to be amazing for those cold college days, where you don't feel like dressing up at all! 
Next, I got a pretty basic jersey, skater dress in a dark grey color. Once again, since this is part of their early spring collection, I cannot find it on the website, however they had a ton at the store and if you click here you will be directed to a very similar dress in the same kind of material and price range. This dress is amazing for the summer but it is also going to be great for layering in the colder months! 
Finally, I got the most AMAZING treggings I have ever wore my entire life. They feel like pj's but they're jeans, and they just adjust to your legs and curves, OMGHHKP you need to go to H&M and get them! They are part of their newest collection, so they will be very easy to find! Also you can click here to buy them online! 

Moving on to Primark and Zara, I didn't get much from either store, I pretty much went to Primark to get socks, hair ties and stud earrings, but I walked out with a top and sunglasses as well! 
Starting off with the clothes, I got a beautiful white top with black detailing from Primark. This top is absolutely perfect for really hot days, since the fabric is very breathable and even tho it creases easily, it also decreases easily, I literally will never iron this top. 
From Zara, I got a very warm, cozy and big grey marbled sweater, that is literally so soft it feels like a blanket. Once again I cannot find it online, but they had a ton of those on their sale section at the TRF area, so make sure to check it out! 

Moving on to the accessories, I will only show you the sunnies and the earrings, since socks and hair ties can be pretty boring! 
I love how mat the sunnies are, it really makes them look way more expensive than they actually are (I only paied 1.50€ for them.... Yeah, you read that right!). The earrings are adorable and super easy to wear since they are studs. I actually prefer studs instead of bigger earrings, it's just easier and let's admit it, way less fuzz! 

So this concludes the first part of my birthday haul! Stay tuned for part 2 which will be up either later today or early tomorrow! 

Have a wonderful day!!!


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