My interview with the Bentz team!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hello gorgeous! 

As I mentioned on my Facebook page (, I had the chance to make an exclusive interview with an amazing luxury bag company, Bentz! 

Without further do, I'll let you into the luxurious and amazing world of Bentz. 

The Fashion Cafe: Who are the minds behind Bentz?  
Bentz: Melissa and Kim Bentz, two sisters and the very best of friends, who both share passion for luxury and style! Melissa all high fashion and Kim has a more edgy feel for fashion.

TFC: What roles does each of you play? 
B: Melissa works directly with the manufacturers and sourcing of materials. While Kim deals more with the financial/marketing for the company. However, we both collaborate together on coming up with new and exciting designs for our line.

TFC:  How is your working relationship impacted by being sisters? 
B: Great! Not only have we been best friends our whole lives, but we have been working together in our families business for over 20 years. So working together and starting our own business together seemed completely natural and a perfect fit!

TFC:  How long have you been in business? When did you start? 
B: Well we started this company about 7 years ago, seeking sourcing and manufacturing and of course our designs and concepts didn't just happen, it takes awhile. Also, when you want your products to be made with superior quality it takes time as well. However, Melissa created her first own line back in 2001 creating the bags by hand and selling them in several local boutiques. She had a high demand for her bags but couldn't quite keep up with the demand making them by hand at night and working in the family business during the day, so she took a break ....until now of course. 

TFC: Why have you decided to make purses? 
B: Well a few reasons. The arts had always came natural for us, inspired by our mother an amazing oil painter. So being that Melissa had some success in the past with her handbag line we thought now was the time to really put our minds together and talents to use and see what we could create.

TFC: What do you think makes a good purse? 
B: Quality is number one with us, period. We also believe a great bag is one that can be taken from day to evening, lavish hardware is a must and like many bags in our collection- Swarovski crystal accents... now that's the icing on a cake! 

TFC: How do you come up with your designs? 
B: Anywhere and everywhere...Could be sitting outside on a warm afternoon at a cafe or simply sitting on our patio sipping on a nice glass of wine

TFC: What inspires you? 
B: Our mom...where our artistic gifts originate and our biggest supporter!

TFC: What things do you think about as you design a new bag?
B: Designing a bag that has a classy and elegant feel but with modern twists.

TFC: How long does it take to design and produce one bag? 
B: Just depends on detailing, but usually the bag will be produced three separate times before we will give it our stamp of approval.

TFC:  Where do you source materials? 
B: We source our materials from all around the globe. However, all of our leathers are exclusively from Italy. 

TFC: How intricate is the manufacturing process? 
B: Extremely, bringing a handbag or purse to life is an involved process. The higher the quality of the bag, the more thought and time goes into the creation and the manufacturing.

TFC: What market niche does your brand target? 
B: Luxury, our clientele expect and deserve only the finest things in life, champagne, cavair, diamonds....Crystal of course! 

TFC: Which trade shows have Bentz been featured in?  
B: Recently we were attendees at the WWD Magic show.

TFC: Which high end stores will carry Bentz? 
B: Hopefully all of them :) Back in 2001, while shopping at Neimen's  Melissa was discovered by a business owner who admired her first handmade bag - so her heart is kind of set on them as our first pick.

TFC: What should every woman carry in their purse?
B:  A Bentz wallet of course :) 

TFC:  What is in your purse? 
B: Our Bentz wallet...with a lucky lotto ticket tucked inside!

Their website will be up really soon! You can find them at , on Twitter (@BentzLuxury), on Facebook ( and on Instagram (@bentzluxury) !

I hope you fell in love with them just like I did! Let me know what you thought on the comments bellow! 

Have a lovely day! 


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