Blogmas Day 22: All around the Christmas table

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello darlings! 

Yeah I know, I missed another couple of days on Blogmas, but it's Christmas time and well... Life happens! I need to decorate and do my cardio (aka shopping for hours) too! 

But today, even tho this is coming a day later, I bring you a new blog post! And it's all about decorating the Christmas dinner table, and the room itself! 

Staring off with the lighting, I think that the more whimsical the dining room looks, the most amazing and magical the Christmas Eve dinner will be! And if you live in Europe (or celebrate like we Europeans do), opening the gifts at midnight will become even more incredible than it already is. 
Invest in little fairy lights, or even clear Christmas lights that don't flash. Stay away from colored lights too, you want your room to look whimsical, not like a Christmas tree (don't take off the attention of the ACTUAL Christmas tree, please!). 

After lighting, comes shading, and I'm talking about curtains. If you can change the curtains in your dining area, get some thicker, more elegant and sturdy curtains. Colors like gold, creme with some gold veins or just creme are perfect, because they bring sophistication and blend everything else in the room. See them as the neutral shade on a outfit! 

Moving on to the table, the first thing to do is make sure you have chairs for everyone. If your table is big enough, adding one or two chairs to set you already own wont be a problem, everyone will tend to fit anyways. Other important thing, is the serve wear, the plates and the glasses. Check my last Blogmas post (the part 1 on The Perfect Hostess) for more details, there's no need in making you read the same thing twice! 
Oh and lets not forget about the table cover! It should go with the curtains, so if you use gold curtains, don't put a lime green table cover, go for something like red, creme or white, since it will look more Christmas-y and make the entire room look more harmonized. The same goes to napkins and other kind of cloths you might add to the table! 

And that's it! My holy grail tips for making an harmonized Christmas dinner table and room harmonized without going nuts! 
Hope you all liked it! 
How will you decorate your dinner table for Christmas this year? What are your tips? Let me know on the comments bellow! 

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Have a lovely day! 


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