Dressing up the belle way

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A night out, a meeting, a date with that special someone or just walk around town. This are some of the places where this outfit would make eyes turn and impress whoever looks at you. why? Because it has simple, classical pieces that would suit and fit every shape and taste. 

I mean, who doesn't have a black pencil skirt, a blazer, a simple button up, some pumps and elegant jewelry? Those are pretty much every women's wardrobe essentials, so there are no excuses not to look amazing without having to wake up earlier to dress up. 

blazer, button up, white shirt, leather skirt, pencil skirt, red cardigan, black pumps, black and white bag, floral necklace, kate spade watch, rose bracelet

I added the tights and the cardigan for extra warmth, but if where you live is already hot enough (or if it's summer) you can totally ditch those 2 elements and still rock this outfit. 

How does your Belle Amour outfit look like? Let me know what your essential pieces are, and how you personalize them on the comments bellow! 


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