Beauty Wednesday (a bit late, but oh well) - Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks!

Friday, November 15, 2013

So for this week's Beauty Wednesday I bring you my top 10 favorite Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks (one of the hardest lipstick choices I have ever had to do!) 

I selected 5 neutral/pinkish shades and 5 more dramatic/dark shades. I've got you all covered! Here are the beautiful YSL babies: 

But if you though I was only going to show you how gorgeous they look, well, you though wrong! 
Here are close ups and a few reasons why I love them so much (from top left to bottom right)! 

Rouge Pour Couture no. 37- Rose Deesse

This is an incredible, creamy and long lasting color, just like pretty much every YSL lipsticks! It's a very nude color, however, it has a slight mauve/pink hue to it, making it a perfect nude lipstick! It's a great shade to wear if you're rocking a dark smokey eye, or if you just want to nude out your lips! 

Rouge Pour Couture no. 6- Rose Bergamasque
This is another nude shade, but the main difference between Rose Deesse and Rose Bergamasque is that I consider no.6  a "my lip color but better" kind of shade. 
It's for sure darker and a lot more pinkish, and I love to wear it as a daily lipstick. It goes well with every outfit, every occasion, and you don't really need a mirror to apply it! 

Rouge Velupté Shine no. 13- Pink In Paris
This range has a more hydrating (yet full coverage!) formula, with a gorgeous glossy shine. Pink In Paris is a very sweet pink, that looks incredible in every skin tone, from Snow White porcelain to Tyra Banks dark complexion. It suits dark smokey eyes or a more simple look. It's a simple full proof color!  

Rouge Velupté Shine no. 15 Corail Intuitive 
This is a very similar color to Pink In Paris, however, instead of the pink tones, you get coral tones, making it a more fun, summer color! 
It compliments blue eyes, but you can obviously wear it regardless of your eye color! Once again, it goes well with darker eye looks, since it is so natural looking on the lips! 

Rouge Velupté Shine no. 14- Corail In Touch
Another coral shade, but this time a more vibrant one. What drives me more into getting this color is how incredible it looks with my skin! The color is incredibly beautiful and has a pink under tone to it, making it slightly more cool (remember, orange undertones make colors more warm and pink under tones make them cooler)! I like to wear it on it's own with just some mascara, trust me you will look AND feel gorgeous! 

Rouge Velupté Shine no. 6- Pink In Devotion
This is one of my absolutely favorite bright lipsticks! This color is incredibly pigmented, bright and lasts forever on your lips! It's a slightly warm fushia, that has a gorgeous blue spectrum going on (don't ask me how that's possible!), turning this lipstick into one of the most unique colors I've seen. It suits all skin tones, looking incredible during summer with a simplistic make up on the rest of your face. 

Rouge Velupté Shine no. 8- Pink In Confidence
This is one of those shades that will look different on everybody. It's gonna be slightly nude in darker complexions and dark , yet sheer, in lighter complexions. Pink in Confidence is a very brownish pink, with some cool undertones, it's a kind of color I call "The Professional Lipstick". You can wear it on a daily basis, but I rather use it for job interviews, meetings or when I know I will need a more professional attire. It looks chic, polished and classical and you can rock it with whatever make up look you want.  

Rouge Pur Couture The Mats no. 201- Orange Imagine 
Orange Imagine is a orange red color. As the name says, it's a mat color, but this isn't your typical mat formula! It glides on beautifully, without making your lips look dry at all, but lasts all day! This color is perfect for warmer skin tones, since it tends to make cooler skin tones look a bit washed out, but if you love it, GET IT. Seriously, it's going to be gone before you even notice! 

Rouge Pur Couture no. 1- Le Rouge
This is the most classical, iconic red in the market. You might disagree, but just look at it! It's gorgeous. It's a neutral red, which means anyone can rock it! I love to wear it on a night out or for a date with that someone special. I mean, you can never go wrong with red, right? 

Rouge Pur Couture no. 206- Grenat Satisfaction
Last, but surely NOT least, this is my completely favorite dark lipstick. I love it! It's a plummy shade, with a brown undertone, that looks incredible on so many people! I like to wear it on more "vampy/goth" days, with an all black outfit. It looks great with dark smokey eyes or with a simple complexion. I can for sure tell it will bring the dark side in you! 

What are your top ten lipsticks? And what's your favorite brand? Let me know on the comments bellow! 


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