Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello gorgeous! 
Today I bring you my very last post on the Valentine's Day series. And of course, I had to finish off with a universal make up look, to go with all the outfits I posted this past week! 


Starting off with a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face, grab your favorite foundation and apply it evenly on your skin. I chose a medium/buildable foundation, so you look completely flawless on your special night. After foundation comes concealer, and this should only be used to conceal dark under eye circles and any kind of redness or pimples that are still showing through. Don't cake your face up! To set all of the liquids/creams you just applied, take a light weight pressed powder or pressed foundation with very light coverage and press and roll your brush on your face, with the smallest amount of product possible. This doesn't allow your foundation and concealer to move around when you set it and also gives the appearance of minimal pores. 
Lastly but not least, finish off by bronzing your face and flushing your cheeks. You can add a highlight too, but I don't find it absolutely necessary. 

For the eyes, I picked up a warm, romantic yet neutral palette. I would for a mid tone peach color on the inner and outer thirds of the lid, a champagne shade on the center (don't forget to blend!), a warm darker brown on the crease, blended into the outer corner and a touch of a deep brown on the outer corner, just to define more the eye socket. Also, I'd run the same brown used on the crease on my lower lash line, to give the look balance. After that, make a soft winged liner (or a strong cat eye, or just a simple thin line, as you prefer) on your top lid and apply few coats of mascara for a flirty look! 

Lastly, the lips are a great part of the look, so make sure they are exfoliated, moisturized and ready for smooches. I'd go for a tinted lip balm if I knew a lot of kisses would be taking place, or a red lipstick if there was a dinner before the kisses (because, you know, the lipstick goes away with the eating/drinking). BUT, if you want your lipstick to be bold red and stay on even with kisses, go for those lipsticks that come with a lip seal, those don't budge, AT ALL! 

The products used on this post are:
Foundation: Rimmel London
Concealer: Victoria Secret
Powder: Neutrogena
Bronzer: Benefit
Blush: Nyx
Eye shadow: Nyx
Eye liner: L'Oreal
Mascara: Too Faced
Lip balm: Korres
Lipstick: Too Faced in Jelly Bean (Stiletto Red would be killer too!) 

What did you think of this look? Let me know on the comments bellow!

Have a wonderful day! 


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