Coloring outside the lines

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello gorgeous! 
We all know that despite being so different and unique from one another, we all share something in common. Back in the day, when we were little, we all loved to color, am I right? But what's the fun on coloring inside the lines? 
Today's outfit is exactly about that. 

Coloring outside the lines

Color blocking is still a pretty heavy trend, but translating runway trends into real life situations can be the tricky thing. However, some brands make it easy for us, creating pieces that are themselves color blocking. But how do we combine color blocking pieces without looking like we've tried too much or making the mistakes most of us do? There is where I come in. 
You see, working this trend is pretty simple. All you have to do is look for an equal color in all the pieces you want to combine, In this case, the equal color was black, and after that, all you need to take in consideration is your imagination! Chose colors that compliment each other, such a chartreuse with a vibrant teal and muted red. 
For the rest of your look, keep it simple. If you want to make black your big element, go for black pants/jacket/accessories. However, I chose a pair of dark washed jeans, combined with a light washed studded denim jacket (trend alert!), a black fedora, white watch and gold earrings, to keep everything from looking too casual. 
As for makeup, you can wear pretty much anything when you play with this trend (you can even use a vibrant lipstick, adding another color element to the block!), but here I chose a muted dark lipstick, to bring out the chartreuse on the pullover. 
The items used on this look are:
Pullover: Chicnova
Bag: Nasty Gal
Jacket: Choies
Fedora: River Island
Watch: Topshop
Earrings: Yoox
Lipstick: Nordstrom

What's your view on color blocking? How do you use it? Let me know on the comments bellow! 

Have a wonderful day! 


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