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Monday, September 01, 2014

Hello gorgeous! 

It's that time of the year again. Oh yes, it's back to school season. 

My apologies if you are already in school, may the force ever be in your favor, I really just did not have much time lately to make a big series like this, because trust me I've got a lot coming up! 

Today I'm focusing on all of you going to high school, regardless if you're a senior or a freshman. The main key to this look is effortless, easy, quick and young. I also included makeup on this post, so please check it out! 

I made this look a bit edgy but still easy, quick and fun. Investing in staple pieces is very important, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't play around with color just because you're in high school. A nice pair of high-waist burgundy skinny jeans is a great way to start, and this pair by H&M is super cool and totally affordable. 
Another very important tip to keep in mind during your entire life is layering. For school, I layered a gorgeous grey and beige sweater with a denim button up (both from Choies, both sold out, but you can check the rest of their collection here), with an amazing black biker denim jacket from H&M.  Easy & quick - what else could we want?!
Moving on to your feet, a good pair of lace up black boots is always a staple, no matter what year it is. This pair is by H&M and I have my own pair already, what are you waiting for to get yours? Go get them!! 
Accessorizing can really make or break your look, so keeping it simple is the answer! The adorable beanie is from Monki but everything else, including the backpack is from Forever 21 ( necklace -> here ; Rings -> here ; Watch -> here ; Backpack -> here ). 

And now onto the makeup! 
For high school, you want to keep your makeup soft and easy. Starting with your base, mineral foundation is the easiest way to go and because you might be dealing with breakouts and dark circles, a concealer will be your BFF. Just apply the concealer where you need it before buffing your foundation into your skin! The concealer is from Maybelinne and the foundation is by L'Oreal
Another important thing about high school /effortless makeup is color - your cheeks and lips shall bring life to your complexion. Swiping a rosy blush on your cheeks and using a lovely pink lipstick will do the trick! The blush is by Sleek and the lipstick is by NYX
If you want to play with your eyes and make them stand out, stick with nude colors, that you can quickly apply and rush out the door. A good quad is a great idea ( this one is by Maybelline), as well as brown eye liner (NYX), to keep your look soft, and a great mascara to really open up your eyes, again by Maybelline
Oh one more thing! You can't forget about your brows! They frame your face and pull your look together! A soft pencil is perfect for school, since it is quick and convenient. This on is by L'Oreal.  

I also wanted to include a coupe of bits that you should carry with you in your backpack. Tons of hair ties and bobby pins - You just NEVER know when you'll need them, so have them handy! The hair ties are by CyndiBands and the bobby pins are by Monki
Lip balm is also very important, since it keeps your lips moisturized and protected! The one I chose is by Sun Bum and it has a lovely pomegranate scent and SPF 30! 
Lastly but not least, blotting sheets - life savers if you ask me! Just press them on your skin if you get that odd shine on your face and voilá! Oil free complexion in seconds! This one is by NYX and it has Tea Tree remedies to heal and treat those nasty oily areas! 

And that's it! It was long, I know, but I needed to get everything covered!  
What will you wear on your first day back to high school? Let me know on the comments bellow! 

Have a wonderful college year! Stay fabulous! 


FTC Disclaimer: None of the companies and brands mentioned asked me to mention them on this post. The links above are not affiliate. All opinions are my own. 

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