My interview with Jara Wine!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Hello gorgeous! 

Today I bring you another interview, this time with a brand new clothing line: Jara Wine! 

I got the incredible chance of exclusively interviewing the owner and designer of the brand, to give you the opportunity of falling in love with her pieces! 

The Fashion Cafe: Who is the mind behind Jara Wine?
Jara Wine:
That would be me, Jara! A girl on her 20's, currently living in London.

TFC: When did you start this incredible brand? And why did you start it? 
JW: It all really began back in 2006 when I took my first classes in fashion design and sewing, but Jara Wine was officially launched in 2014. 
The main reason for me to start his label was to create garments that are versatile and express more than just a trend but rather personality. 

TFC: Why do you focus mainly on dresses? 
JW: Dresses make you feel so feminine and there are so many ways to wear them.

Left to right: Carmen Dress, Coco Cycle Dress, Coco Rouge dress 
TFC: What does your brand offer that others don't? 
JW: Jara Wine is not only designed in London, but also produced in London. Plus, every collection is limited edition, that champions the individuality of the wearer.

TFC: How intricate is the process of designing and creating a brand new dress? 
JW: For me, that's always a work in progress. There's a certain idea and image of a dress in my mind, which I will sketch on paper. Then I will think of the fabric and start creating a pattern for it.
The dress will also have to be part of the collection, so that's something to consider too.

TFC: What are your inspirations when you design your pieces?
JW: Most of the times it's the occasions I image women to wear the dresses to.

TFC: What was your inspiration for the Spring/Summer 14 collection?
Basak Royal dress 
JW: As this is my debut collection, this collection has been influence for a long time. Living in London, and seeing all these super busy, ambitious young women, I wanted to create something easy to wear but chic and most of all, versatile.

TFC: What is your favorite piece from the collection?
JW: They are all favorites.

TFC: What's in store for Fall/Winter 14/15? 
JW: Always color, but the rest will have to be a surprise.

TFC: Who would you love to see wearing one of your dresses? 
JW: Clémence Poésy, Ashley Benson, Marloes Horst, Florrie, Whitney Port

TFC: What dress should be on every women's closet? 
JW: The Basak Royal dress from the Jara Wine collection. It's so versatile.

TFC: And finally, what is your favorite dress from your closet? 
JW: All the different dresses I made myself.

You can buy Jara's pieces here! Find her on Twitter and on Facebook

Hope you've enjoyed this interview! Let me know what's your favorite dress on the comments bellow! 

Have a wonderful day! 


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  1. Great post! I love the clothes of this brand.
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