Blogmas Day 6: Pamper Kit

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hello lovelies! 

How are you all doing? :D 

Today's Blogmas is about YOU! Yes! Today I'll focus on ways to pamper yourself, and how to store them (and even give them away as Christmas gifts!) 

I mean, who wouldn't love to be pampered all day?! 
A warm bubbly shower, with a sweet candle burning, followed by a full body moisturizing, a facial mask, a body mask, madi and pedi! Full on princess treat! 

Starting off with the shower, I browsed around on Bath&Body Works website and found 4 beautiful treats that I for sure would include on a pamper kit! 

Body Butter in Sensual Amber (buy it here)
Luxury Bubble Bath in Twisted Peppermint (buy it here)
Super Rich Foot Cream- Shea It Isn't So (buy it here)
She Cashmere & Silk  Hand Cream (buy it here)

How lovely does it look?! You'll be relaxed, well moisturized and smelling beautifully! But there's something else I want to add to this amazing shower, and that's a candle! I always go for 3-wick candles for home wear, but if you are planning on giving  away, the mason jar ones are safer to send! 

3-wick candle (buy it here) and mason jar candle (buy it here), both in Twisted Peppermint 

About the mani and pedi, after clipping, filing, buffing and taking care of your cuticles, why not paint your nails in festive colors? Red, green, gold and LOTS of sparkle glam up and give your nails a holiday spirit. 
All the polishes I chose are from Essie (to make it easier for you). You can get them here: , and each one costs 8.50$

From left to right: Toggle To The Top, Trophy Wife, Gold As Gold, First Dance

While you're waiting for the nail polish to dry, put on a facial mask, proper for your skin type, lay down and relax! 
I selected 5, vegan and cruelty free facial masks from Lush and each cost 6.95$! 

From left to right: 
Cosmetic Warrior: effective herbal hero for break-out prone skin (buy it here)
BB Seaweed: the mask for sensitive skin (buy it here)
Cupcake: perfect for crazy hormonal skin (buy it here)
Oatifix: soothing banana mask for dry skin (buy it here)
Catastrophe Cosmetic: blueberry infused maintenance mask (buy it here)

If you want to give this to a friend, get sample versions of each product or even travel sized versions and stack them in a cute little bag! 

How do you pamper yourself? Let me know bellow! 
Don't forget to check Want Like Now's post! WLN

Have a lovely day! 


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  1. Great tips. I'm planning to spend a whole day spoiling myself soon. I'm probably gonna take some ideas from here :)