Honey, it's cold outside, an outfit of the day

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winter is officially around the corner! And the need of something warmer to dress in warmer and comfier clothing is a necessity! But just because of that, we don’t need dish the gorgeous colors we normally use during summer! A bright red is an amazing bet for the colder months, making any outfit look more cheerful and Christmas-y! 

Honey, it's cold outside

On this look, I paired a gorgeous polka dot red sweater with a black and white faux fur vest and light washed pants. 
To let the red stand out, I chose black boots and black jewelry. The white bag brings something different to the look, and keeps you on trend, since white accessories are again very fashionable! 
How do you stay comfy, colorful and trendy during the winter? 


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