Last minute gift ideas for the guys in your life!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hello gorgeous!

As promised, here's my last minute gift ideas, this time for the guys in your life! 
Like on my previous one, I will give you 3 gift ideas, from inexpensive to expensive. I hope you enjoy!  ^^ 


It can be hard to buy stuff for your dad, but it's not impossible! 
This Ghirardelly Holiday Travel Mug Gift Set with hot cocoa and chocolate square by Walmart ($7.98) is not only a great gift but it's also going to be a delightful treat on Christmas morning! 
Something else every guy should have, specially dad's, is this Radioshack Multitool w/ Flashlight and Compass ($ 9.99, usually $19.99!). Just like a Swiss Knife, this has everything your dad will need, in one compact tool, how cool is that?! 
I know clothing can be  tricky, but mostly if you are buying for ladies! If you get this Toms for Target Anorack Jacket ($40), your dad will not only be stylish but really really warm, and that's the most important! 

Dudes in your life :

With "dudes in your life" I mean a boyfriend, siblings, friends, family members, etc! 
Just like I mentioned before, there are MANY things you can get, like scarves and gloves and socks and watches and wallets, but those things are either personal things or way too expensive (but if you can and want to give them any of those things, by no means - GO AHEAD!) 
I actually found 4 items for this category, but 2 of them are very similar, even tho the first one is more suited for boyfriends and the second one for friends/siblings/family members! 
The "What I love about you Gift Book" and the "Why you're so awesome Gift Book" ($9.95 each) by Barnes and Noble are great personal gifts that you can't go wrong with! 
Moving on to a slightly more expensive item, this tabletop game from Momastore ($20), is a freaking awesome thing to give to any guy in your family, specially since it is SO easy to play and it's also super fun :p 
Finally but surely not least, this docking/charging station from Etsy ($35) is amazing, not only for guys, but if you have a tech-y guy in your family and you want to give them something that is going to be VERY well used and it's very practical and whoever gets this is going to LOVE IT - guaranteed! 

And that's it! This concludes my last minute gift ideas series for this year! Let me know in the comments bellow what you'd like to get for Christmas and also, tell me what you got for your friends and family! 

Have a wonderful day! Happy Holidays! 

xoxo ~ C

FTC Disclaimer: None of the companies and brands mentioned asked me to mention them on this post. The links above are not affiliate. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. No doubt buying gifts for you man is just too difficult but thank GOD you have posted something that is very useful to us. Great post