The skirt game - an outfit of the day

Friday, January 03, 2014

Hello darlings!
So today I was looking around for what to wear, and I found this beautiful skirt, hidden in the back of my closet! I haven't used it in ages, so I though "Why not create a look around this?!". And my dears, this is what I came up with! 
Yes, it looks a bit chilly, but I used thick black stockings and a warm cardigan under the coat. 

To make the skirt the focal piece, I kept the top simple and discrete with a black crop top. But, since it's winter, you can't risk freezing once you step out the door, so a thick wool coat to keep you warm. Also, the contrast between the softness of the skirt with the thickness of the coat creates some balance. 
Platform, thick heeled booties on the same color as your stockings will make you look super tall, specially if you wear black (which in this case, I did). I picked up a white bag to bring out the light colors on the skirt and also because it looks a lot more fashionable than a plain black bag. 
For jewelry, I tried to contrast gold with silver (which is a bit hard for me, since I'm so used to only wear one of the two at a time!). Gold chunky chain necklace, gold watch with gold bracelet and silver rings were my options, to make the look more modern and edgy. 

What's your look of the day? Let me know on the comments bellow! 

Have a wonderful day 


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