Get the look: Little Mix - Perrie Edwards

Saturday, November 09, 2013

This next 4 weeks, I decided to dedicate the Get the look 
series to the Little Mix members! Starting off with Perrie 
Edwards, this blondie rocked a comfy yet stylish look that 
caught my eye as soon as I saw it! Right on time, huh? 

The look I created has some of my personal touches to 
it, specially when it comes to shoes. I'm not a huge fan 
of high heels (except if they are chunky or for special 
occasions) so I decided to substitute the incredible pair 
Perrie is sporting for a more comfortable, more me shoe. 
The ones I picked are from River Island, and let me tell you 
the holographic effect is going to surely turn heads where 
ever you go! 
The top is from Uniqlo and the leather skirt is from Mason
 by Michelle Mason. 
Last, but NOT least, the beautiful lipstick she's wearing! 
The purply shade she's rocking can be achieved by using 
Jilted by Urban Decay! 

Next week's Jade turn! If you have any favorite outfit worn 
by Jade, tweet me @thefashioncafe_  or posts it on 
my wall at ! 

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