Inside: Fashion Blogger- Want Like Now

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Around a year ago, acoriginals blog was created. Then, it grew and became Want Like Now. 
The 15 year-old girl from Alabama behing this incredible blog talked to me and told me a little bit about her blog life and herself as well. 

"It's been so awesome I can't remember! This website is definitely more broad than my last one"

On her website, you'll be able to find not only fashion posts, but also music and beauty related things, a personal touch from the blogger.
But that's not everything! There's also a wish list and a more personal corner, where you can get more heart to heart with the blogger herself. 

After creeping out on her site (gotta do my homework!), I absolutely fell in love with her style, self-described as laid-back yet edgy, and with her way of expressing herself and getting to her readers. 

You should definitely check out her website , give her support and let her know The Fashion Cafe sent you! 

Oh! I almost forgot! Me and Want Like Now are collaborating! YEY! Keep tuned for our special edition look book and other amazing things we have coming your way! 

You can also follow Want Like Now steps on her twitter @wantlikenow

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