The great announcement + schedule for the month of December

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hello my dearests! 

Happy late Thanksgiving! How was your turkey day? I hope you had loads of fun! 

So, remember when I told you last week I had some really really exciting news? 
Well... Here they are! 

I present you: BLOGMAS! 

And what's Blogmas? Well, just put Blog and Christmas together and you've got an idea of what is coming up! 

One more time, I team up with What Like Now to create a super exciting collaboration that will go from December 1st to December 24th! 
We've got many many ideas, covering up pretty much every Christmas related topic (and winter too!). 

We've got room decor, fashion, beauty, gift guides, dyi's and so on! 

I bet we got you even more excited for December, huh?! 

Another thing I wanted to talk about on this post is the schedule for my regular posts during the month of December. 
Since we've got Blogmas already, I though about doing simpler, short and sweet posts. I'll stick with the OOTD's, but the rest of the posts will be a complete surprise! You can expect pretty much anything from The Fashion Cafe for this incredible month! 

I hope you're all excited, as much as I am! 
Stay fabulous! 


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